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Grow Milkweed Plants

Jan 12, 2018

Winter sown. Garden grown. Use milk jugs to grow milkweed plants starting in the winter.

Grow Milkweed Plants podcast - Season 3 Episode 2

Step two of winter sowing milkweed seeds in a one gallon greenhouse.

My YouTube video link:

How many monarch butterflies in the western population? See for yourself at Numbers should be released very soon. The 2017 Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count runs November 11th - December 3rd and the second annual New Year's Count runs December 30th - January 14th.

The November 9th blog by Pacific Grove Museum said the arrival of the monarch butterflies at their location was slower and with lower numbers then in years past. What does that mean for the western population as a whole?

Monarch Butterfly Flight Challenge: Monarch Butterfly Fund Issues Technology Design Challenge to Solve Mystery of Monarch Butterfly Migration Inventors invited to participate in $50,000 challenge to create new tracking device. 

Milkweed Madness registration is going to open in February. Stay tuned for more information about how to win wonderful prizes thru this free giveaway. If you are interested in donating seeds or milkweed related products as prizes then contact Brad G at and use "milkweed swag" as the subject.

Host: Brad Grimm

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