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Grow Milkweed Plants

May 13, 2016

1M Monarchs vs. a Mine, MexiRocks, Garden Vandalism & Jewel Milkweed - Episode 016

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Learn about the threat that could deplete the water supply for the Oyamel Fir trees resulting in massive habitat destruction of the habitat that the monarchs overwinter on in Mexico.

Learn how to order MexiRocks which directly support the citizens. MexiRocks is an alternative form of "butterfly tourism" that brings the monarch to your home or garden.

Read the entire story as published in the San Diego Union-Tribune. "Plants crushed, but not Conway School’s spirit. Community helps revive garden after vandalism"

Get up close to a wonderful, but rare, milkweed plant Asclepias cryptoceras that I discuss in great detail.

Host: Brad G.