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Grow Milkweed Plants

Apr 8, 2015

Texas Monarch Migration 2015

Migrating monarchs pass thru Texas in early spring. The Texas milkweed is super important and provides a habitat that allows the monarch to reproduce. If you would like to help this podcast then you can start by planting and growing a milkweed plant. More information is available at my website a link will be available in the show notes. I was tipped off about the swamp milkweed plant by an acquaintance on twitter who goes by @spiderwort52 spelled - s p i d e r w o r t 5 2 Needless to say it was nice to see the additional plant. Low and behold I saw a monarch butterfly scouting out the flowers. A few days later in San Antonio the reverse was true. It was pretty nice to see that the San Antonio River Authority milkweed garden was maintained and even more exciting to see the monarch caterpillar and eggs in a city park environment. I have found pretty good success with following milkweed observations using and do you grow and sell milkweed in a nursery business? Visit