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Grow Milkweed Plants

Jan 9, 2015

As a California boy raised on the central coastside I loved the ocean and the forest. One place that was a special treat for me in the winter was the State Beach named Natural Bridges. Natural Bridges State Beach is located in California on the North side of Santa Cruz. There is a butterfly sanctuary for Monarch Butterflies that is open to the public.The Monarch Trail is a place you must go.

At Natural Bridges they have a small demonstration garden with Milkweed Plants. Most of the year it is not much to look at but it is educational. On my last visit there were thirteen caterpillars and one monarch chrysalis in the milkweed demonstration garden.

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Now days, I am involving myself in growing milkweed plants and sharing information about milkweed with everyone. By sharing information about milkweed in a clear and detailed way I look forward to the day that Monarch Butterflies return in abundance. So that they may once again dominate their massive migration route between Canada and Mexico.