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Grow Milkweed Plants

Jul 6, 2018

Water germination of milkweed seeds was introduced to me by Francisco Julich. I recommend following Francisco on Instagram at jardimdeborboletas he is based in Brazil.

My understanding of water germination of milkweed seeds was expanded by Dr. Steven Broyles who is a professional on the subject of milkweed.

I credit...

Jun 27, 2018

San Juan milkweed


Paco's Reserva de Flora y Fauna

The monarch butterfly isn't the only butterfly that uses Asclepias plants as their host. Queen butterflies and Soldier butterflies are a common sight in tropical regions like Mexico and central America.

The summer is the slow season for milkweed butterflies in...

Apr 28, 2018

Three main topics discussed.

One Gallon Greenhouse update including forward looking statement for the upcoming growing season.

Water Germination of milkweed seeds. The easiest way to go from seed to plant in the fastest time possible.

Recap of Milkweed Madness winners and a tease at whats to come in the 4th annual

Mar 30, 2018

Lynn Rosenblatt, author of MONARCH MAGIC and MONARCH BUDDIES dedicates 20 years to "POM-POM Paradise!"

Complete Show Notes at GROWMILKWEEDPLANTS.COM/32 

Connecticut teacher and author LYNN ROSENBLATT devoted twenty-five years to teaching energetic and spontaneous first and second grade children. She empowered...